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Triangle 800 Ultraflat – Bolt-on

Brand: Blocz

Standard tex
Dual tex

Manufacturer: Blocz Line: Triangles Material: Plywood
# of holds: 1
Bolt-on spot reduces the number of screws needed to secure the volume.
Grip List iFSC Authorised USA Climbing Hold & Volume Supplier CEC Climbing Escalade Canada

This volume has a bolt-on spot. Some pictures may not show a bolt-on spot. Blocz was voted best volume company in 2020, 2021 & 2022 CBJ Grip List. Please note there is a 50% surcharge for Dual Tex volumes.

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Triangle 300 - Bolt-on

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Triangle 800 Ultraflat - Bolt-on

Triangle 800 Ultraflat - Bolt-on

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