We’re really proud of our lineup! Our holds appear in the highest level competition circuits around the world. We’ve got USAC sponsors (Blocz, Bluepill, & Rockcity) IFSC sponsors (Artline, Blocz, Bluepill, Unit & Rockcity), CEC sponsors (Blocz, Bluepill, Artline & Rockcity) and an Olympic sponsor (Rockcity!). 

We have hundreds of wood volumes and macro shapes, and thousands of plastic holds to check out.

225+ Holds
60+ Macros
175+ Volumes
USAC Supplier
CEC Supplier
IFSC Supplier

Sitting at the #1 spot of the CBJ Grip List Favorite Wood Volumes category, Blocz volumes are truly unlike any other. They have epoxy-reinforced bolt-on spots, Escape Industrial Gym T-Nuts, cutting-edge designs, and the most durable, best-feeling texture in the game. Blocz macros are also some of the best, with a unique texture coating that feels more like sandstone and less like plastic. Blocz produces the macros and volumes for some top brands in the Bold family--namely Bluepill (excepting the Fiber Originals), Chapter, CCE, and Unit.

500+ Holds
75+ Macros
40+ Volumes
USAC Supplier
CEC Supplier
IFSC Supplier

Bluepill has inspired countless imitators, but they are still some of the best sets of macros out there, containing every XL format jug, dish, or sloper you could need for a boulder or route, and looking ridiculously clean and stylish. Bluepill also has some of the most beautiful and versatile volume shapes, like the Fat Tetres, Fat Bloc, and their Good and Bad Wings. They’re always dreaming up shapes that no one else can, like the globular Fiber Originals, which look like tongues of molten lava frozen in place. Their various plastic sets cover the spectrum from beginner-friendly roof jugs to serious competition holds, jibs, and screw-ons. Bluepill volumes are made by Blocz, so they use Escape t-nuts, and have beautiful, bomber texture. 

90+ Macros
CEC Supplier
IFSC Supplier

Unit specializes in beautiful, nuanced holds and macros, with sculptural designs like the K9s and Batwings. Their eye-catching macros are a favorite among top setters for their versatility. They shine on walls from slab to steep, and with the legendary Blocz macro texture coating, climbing on them is a unique and inspiring experience.

980+ Holds
85+ Macros
CEC Supplier
IFSC Supplier

Always working to develop new and cutting-edge hold concepts and technologies, the Artline team is composed of shaper-setter-engineers, and they love to bring talented setters into their ArtLab to exchange ideas and test their designs. Check out The Slopes - Incline Adjusters--macros that can add or subtract wall angle, and have wood embedded in the fiberglass to make screw-ons extra secure.

350+ Macros
IFSC Supplier

Simpl. made a big splash in the climbing scene with their unique and aesthetic white dual-tex volumes. They were one of the first companies to perfect the super glossy finish of dual tex volumes. Over the years they have added more and more lines of volumes to their catalog and now have one of the largest collections of shapes in the world. In addition Simpl. is a huge supporter of World Cups and comps so look out for these bad boys on stage! 

825+ Holds
100+ Macros
180+ Volumes
USAC Supplier
CEC Supplier
IFSC Supplier
Olympics 2020

Rockcity is an avid supporter of national and international competitions across the world and has designed many of its lines with competition in mind. Their massive line of macros, for instance, come in a variety of “Basic” shapes that have a clean, uniform look–and they can be customized to surprise the climber with different edge angles and textures. This creates separation in competition setting, and gives commercial routes tons of replay value. You never know what you’re about to grab! They also have some of the best plastic holds out there, with holds for comps, and many beautifully detailed rock-replica holds, like their Gritstone and North Yorkshire Sandstone lines. Their macros are produced by 360, and holds by Aragon. Very nice.

50+ Macros

Chapter is a rising star in the climbing gym scene. Started in 2021, Chapter has quickly risen to fame with their very popular lines of the Shallows and Mirrors. They are known for their aesthetics and having complete lines so you know you have all the needed shapes to create awesome climbs. Keep an eye on this brand, they are sure to keep doing great things. 

400+ Holds
20+ Macros

CCE was created for the climbing gym community. They were born to support climbers and anyone passionate about routesetting, hold shapes or climbing equipment. They support the industry by collaborating with new shapers, providing essential tools, and educating new setters. 

1200+ Holds

Menagerie brings a lot to the table – a huge array of plastic holds with big lines. Menagerie plastic is versatile and eclectic, with holds for every level of difficulty and terrain, all shaped with aesthetics and comfort in mind. 

200+ Holds

Formik holds is the sister brand of Menagerie. You can find a nice assortment of really hard crimps, dual-tex holds and some interesting lines. 

Skin Care
Hardware / Setting
Custom Branding

Naturally beautiful and long-lived climbing accessories are Goodgrip’s specialty. Their brushes are made from sustainably sourced beech, and assembled in social workshops in Germany that specifically employ people with disabilities. The brushes are available with plant fiber or boars’ hair bristles, and come in a range of sizes, all the way up to their flagship Indoor Pro 2m stick brush–a must-have for every commercial gym.

Air Purification

Static Air is the leading air purifier solution for climbing gyms. These filters have, no fans or moving parts, no expensive filters, is completely silent, easy to clean, uses just 18 Watts, and filters particles from PM0.1 to PM10! 

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