About Bold

Bold Climbing started out small, and with one, somewhat selfish goal–to bring world class volumes to the American gyms where we climb. In 2015, volumes in the IFSC were transforming global competition climbing, and the limited offerings in North America didn’t satisfy us, as setters or climbers. We wanted better texture, more exciting shapes, and solid construction. With Blocz, the #1 volume producer in the world, we got all of it. 

We quickly got involved in the USAC circuit, helping supply America’s best athletes with the tools they need to compete on the world stage. As the sport and the competition circuit grew and advanced, so did we–expanding our range to macros and holds, and bringing over as many iconic and innovative brands as we could handle. So now, when we (or you) go climbing, we can have it all.



The Bold Team

Noah Langer - Head of Sales
Noah loves to move–sport climbs, boulders, cracks, slacklines, yoga, whatever. A longtime youth coach, he also has a knack for spreading that joy and knowledge onto others. He’s our Head of Sales and a products and logistics expert, and can answer any question you can think up about ordering Bold gear. Don’t forget to ask him about his Dungeons & Dragons campaign!

Favorite Climbing Spots: Squamish
Favorite crag food: French dip sandwich
Favorite climbing shoes: La Sportiva TC Extreme Winter

Eric Johnson - Sales & Warehouse Lead

Eric is a former route setter of Upper Limits and Sender One. His passion is climbing single pitch sport routes and checking out rock gyms across the country. When he’s not in the warehouse putting together orders you can find him at either of the local crags: Malibu Creek or Echo Cliffs.

Favorite Climbing Spots: Rifle & Echo Cliffs

Favorite crag food: Dried mangos
Favorite climbing shoes:
La Sportiva Skwamas

Juliane McCoy - Co-Founder

Juliane is a German native and so she has a direct connection and understanding of the European market. She left her teaching career to grow the company and is now mostly working on shipping logistics, making sure we have a great stock of products, and taking care of all the financials.

Favorite Climbing Spots: Yosemite & Kalymnos 

Favorite crag food: Hummus and Baguette
Favorite climbing shoes: Shamans

Kyle McCoy - Co-Founder

Kyle has been working in the climbing industry since 2005, working as a head setter and gym manager. You can usually find him working on spreadsheets or with photoshop, making sure everything is running smoothly and working with our partner brands to get all the best things for the North American market. He’s also the designer behind a few Blocz volume shapes. 

Favorite Climbing Spots: Joshua Tree & Bishop
Favorite crag food: TJs chili cashews
Favorite climbing shoes: La Sportiva Cobra

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