Muskers – Pushpins

Brand: Muskers


Manufacturer: Muskers Line: Routesetting

Pack of 50 flat head metal studs to place Muskers outside of the grips. The Muskers, thanks to the material and the flexible zone, are devices that hardly bother or feel under the hands when we grab a prey. Even so, it may be the case that the dam is so small or flat that the Muskers are annoying, or cases of very small feet in which every time we place the foot, we inadvertently release the Musker and it falls to the ground. . For these cases, we can insert a Muskers Pin near the dam in question, in this way we comfortably place the Muskers on the tack, thus avoiding any inconvenience and eliminating the possibility that every time we try the route we will drop the Musker.

Material: Aluminum round box and iron studs.

Box contents: 50 flat head tacks

Musker measures: ø11×8 mm
Case Measurements: 55 x 14mm

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