Muskers – Orange Pack

Brand: Muskers


Manufacturer: Muskers Line: Routesetting

Pack of 20 units of magnetic devices for marking climbing routes in indoor spaces. This telescopic pack contains 20 Muskers (magnetic silicone devices) that will help you make your climbing training more productive and fun.

With the Muskers you will be able to design different steps/routes by marking all the holds or grips that the climber who is going to try the route must take. In addition, with Muskers Climbing App you will be able to upload to the cloud the routes that you are designing based on their difficulty, length, characteristics, etc… so you can share and make available to other users the routes that you are designing, and in the same way you You can make routes designed by other users. Now you too can be a route setter!

Material: Silicone devices with a neodymium magnet (Φ10x5mm N52 /Ni Coating) inserted in the base.

Musker weight: 7 gr.
Total weight: 560 gr.

Musker Measurements: 13 x 80mm
Pack Measurements: 100 x 90mm


Periodically check the union of the magnet to the marker.
Use the marking only for its intended use.
Muskers are not toys.
It is recommended that children only use the Muskers under the supervision of an adult.
Do not put it in your mouth under any circumstances.
Magnets are dangerous if swallowed.
Use the signaling markers only on artificial climbing structures and dams certified under the UNE EN 12572 standards.

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