Brand: Artline
L 24.41'' x W 6.69'' x H 2.56''


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Manufacturer: Artline Line: Artboard Material: Beech Wood (soft and grippy)
# of holds: 1

Ergonomic structure: inverted stair with asymmetrically positioned grips. Versatile, ideal for intermediate and expert climbers

The ArtBoard is the proud achievement of a multi-faceted team we gathered around their passion for training. They knew how to make the board unique for the following reasons :

-The hangboard is asymmetrical: there is a gap of 40 cm between each similar hold so that the wrists and shoulders are working at their natural angle.

-The grips are comfortable and favour extended positions: their curve radius is studied to increase comfort

-The central bridge can be used for attaching elastic bands or other training tools. It’s also possible to make « one-arm pull-ups » only if you have the level…

-The grips are positioned in overhanging layers, so there are fewer pressure points on the wrists.

-The fingerboard was designed thanks to 3D technology and made with 5-axis machining. The finish is flawless and aesthetically pleasing.

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